Heating and Cooling

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Besides air sealing and insulating, another great way to make your home more energy efficient is to replace the old heating and cooling equipment, as well as your old hot water heater, with new high efficiency units. In order to facilitate the NJ Clean Energy Program, there are minimum efficiency guidelines that we have to adhere to for the replacement equipment. We typically install 95% efficient furnaces and at least a 14.5 SEER air conditioning system. Converting from oil to gas is another popular way that our customers become more energy efficient.

More than the brand of equipment, as most internal components are very similar, the most important factor for your heating and cooling system is proper sizing of the equipment as well as proper installation. Before we install the units, we perform a Manual J. A Manual J is a heat load calculation assuring proper sizing for your home. Proper installation is also extremely important for the system to run optimally.

We favor power vented hot water heaters versus other systems. A power vented hot water heater is similar to your standard hot water heater, except it has a motor at the top of the tank with a PVC pipe that goes directly outside. It is a more efficient unit than the standard tank and is safer as well because the exhaust gases go directly outside. While a tankless system is very efficient, the power vented hot water heater is about half the cost of a tankless system.

Steam and hot water radiators are considered the most comfortable heat because they add moisture to the air. One common myth is that the forced hot air systems dry out the air causing the homeowner to feel dry. It is actually an excess of outside air coming into the home that is drying out the air, not the furnace. That is another reason why air sealing your home is so important.

Do you think you are paying too much to heat your home?