Infrared Thermal Imaging

Thermal Image, missing insulationThe infrared thermal imaging camera is one of the special technologies applied during your energy audit. Much like an X-ray, the camera allows us to detect the levels of insulation behind your walls and see exactly where any air leakage is coming from. The infrared thermal imaging camera is an extremely sensitive tool and detects the difference in heat signatures. In old homes that lack insulation, we can clearly see the defined studs in the walls; during winter in a home that is well insulated, the stud cavities glow yellow because the insulation is keeping the walls warm.

While we walk around and scan your home with the thermal imaging camera, we run the blower door. We do this because the blower depressurizes your home and shows where the air leakage is coming from. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be very hot or very cold for the infrared camera to work. It will work in moderate temperatures as well because the blower door is helping to change the temperature with its powerful fan.

Our camera has even detected a water leak from a bathroom one floor above, before the water seeped through the sheetrock ceiling. This surprised the homeowner, who was thankful that she could resolve the problem before it became a bigger, more expensive repair job. The camera is an excellent private eye even in situations where insulation was improperly installed by a homeowner, or in areas where contractors have moved aside insulation to do work in the home.

The infrared camera will help make your home more energy efficient, save you money in the long run, and make your home more comfortable for your entire family.

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