Health and Safety Tests

Combustion AnalyzerOne of the most important parts of your home’s energy audit is the health and safety testing. It is extremely important to check the draft of the combustion appliances (like your furnace and hot water heater) to make sure they are drafting properly. We measure this because we don’t want to make your home tighter and cause back drafting. Back drafting is when carbon monoxide comes back into your home because there is a negative pressure in your basement. We use several tools like a combustion analyzer which measures both the carbon monoxide levels as well as the efficiency of the unit. We also use a manometer to measure the draft pressure and a gas leak detector. Leaks can be common at the joints of pipes.

If we perform work on your home, it is required from the Building Performance Institute to make sure you also have a hard flex dryer line versus the common foil type which can be a fire hazard.

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