Home Inspections vs. Energy Audit

Many people feel that a home inspection provides enough information about the home being purchased to truly understand everything there is to know. Although you do receive significant information about furnaces, electrical and appliances, this information is generally geared towards functionality and not energy efficiency.

Typically, inspection companies are responsible for reporting the status and safety of a home and its features. They do not commonly dissect energy efficiencies in the in-depth manner that is needed. For example, they may look at your furnace to see how old it is, but they won’t tell you the efficiency of your furnace or ducts and how it may affect you, your family and your finances. A home inspector should be able to identify the existence of insulation, but they may not be able to provide you with how the age or quality of the insulation could impact how much hot or cold air may be escaping through you walls.

With Green Energy Home Improvements, you will get a professional audit from our team of energy experts. We provide you with more than a checklist. Rather, we offer a full in-depth analysis of your home and follow-up with the most substantial recommendations. Providing this level of detail takes more than just immense knowledge. The Green Energy Improvements team is also equipped with the tools to give you facts rather than observations and opinions.

Our staff are trained and ready to help you improve your home with upgrades small or large. Let Green Energy Home Improvements assess your home energy performance.

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Let Green Energy Improvements Help You.

The Green Energy Improvements team has one mission and that is to help you reduce wasted energy in your home. This one goal of ours has multiple benefits that will make you feel good about helping the environment, saving money on your monthly bills, and making your home the most energy efficient it can be.

With the abundance of information out there, you may feel overwhelmed and even deterred from taking action. You might worry that it can cost too much money, or even create chaos in your home to make energy efficient changes. We can ensure you, that this misperception couldn’t be more inaccurate.

Green Energy Improvements will come to your house, and give you a thorough energy audit. We can help you understand the process, the savings and the benefits. Part of the home energy audit includes providing you with a list of ways that you can enhance your house. But we don’t stop there. We will also help you prioritize your list in order of investment and importance. Whether we insulate one room, or make a drastic upgrade to your HVAC system, we can reassure you that the investment you choose will always result in savings, and will help you to feel good about making a difference in the world we live in.

Call Green Energy Improvements for your home energy audit, or even for a simple question. We are always glad to help you make the right decision for your home.

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The Savings Behind The Walls

A home without proper insulation can leak up to 40% of energy due to gaps and holes. Spray foam insulation can help to keep this energy in your home. Partner with Green Energy Home Improvements and upgrade your insulation to avoid higher monthly bills, more stress on your heating and cooling systems and unnecessary damage to the environment.

Here is the perfect scenario to explain how unproductive insulation can effect you. In the hot summer months, your air conditioning unit is working extremely hard to cool your home. But as the hot air seeps through your insulation’s nooks and crannies, the system works harder and harder to pump out cool air in an attempt to reach your goal temperature. This unnecessary work creates stress on your unit, increases your monthly bill and tampers with environmentally clean air.

Green Energy Improvements can help solve all of these issues, one insulated room at a time. Spray foam is one of the most successful ways to conceal each and every gap, airway and opening in many areas of your home. This upgrade will be beneficial all year around. With spray insulation, the cool air is unable to escape, keeping the temperature and your monthly bills down. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated that you can save approximately 20% on your monthly energy bills by adding spray insulation and preventing air leaks.

The Green Energy team will personally come to your home and inspect potential areas that may be eligible for spray foam insulation such as: your attic, basement rim joists, crawl space and basement walls. Please reach out to us for any questions, we are always glad to hear from you!

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Why Going Green Will Help You Gain

With the 2015 tax day officially behind us, now is the time to look ahead and begin strategizing about how to get the most out of next year’s tax season. Green Energy Improvements wants to motivate you to pick and choose the energy solutions that will help you gain on your 2016 tax return.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 tripled the financial incentives for making specific environmentally intelligent modifications in your home. The Government is showing you the power of environmental change by offering tax credits up to $500. This tax credit combined with the additional NJ Clean Energy Program rebates will result in incredible savings.

Investing in energy can save you money on your monthly bills, create a healthier world to live in, and inspire others to live healthier too. Most of all, it will enhance the quality of your life and increase the size of your wallet, making the investment worth your while.

​Partner with Green Energy Improvements to learn everything there is to know about the green upgrades that will get you the most money back from Uncle Sam. We are knowledgeable about this tax laws and are enthusiastic to help you save smart. We would love to hear from you, so please reach out to schedule your personal home energy audit and we will gladly take the time to answer any questions that you may have.

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How we Use Technology to Assess your Home

One of the highlights during the energy audit is walking around and scanning your home with an infrared thermal imaging camera. The infrared camera detects the differences in temperature and the screen is like x-ray vision for behind your walls. The results are often illuminating. We can determine the level of insulation behind your walls, or if you have insulation at all which many older homes lack.

Before we scan your home, we run the blower door, a tool that depressurizes your home and measures the air leakage. While the blower door is running, we walk around with the infrared camera. Not only can we measure the air leakage with the blower door, but we can see the air leakage with the infrared camera. It comes across the walls like streaks of light from windows, wall penetrations, lighting, top plates, ceiling fans, etc. A couple times we were able to detect bathroom leaks from the second floor when we were on the first floor looking up at the ceiling and before the water penetrated through the sheetrock.

Recently we did an energy audit on a home that was being constructed. The home owner works in the city and the home is being built in Short Hills, NJ. He wanted to make sure the contractors were insulating properly so before the home was finished, he hired us to check to see if they missed any spots. It turns out, that the contractors happened to be doing a great job and we were able to reassure the homeowner that he was getting an energy efficient home.

A while ago we performed an energy audit on a home where the home owner in Westfield, NJ was a “DIY – Do It Yourself” type. She rented a cellulose rig from Home Depot to dense pack her attic ceiling. Little did she know, when we scanned her attic from the second floor she had missed half her ceiling. There are some areas where DIY is great. I would recommend to leave dense packing cellulose to the professionals.

To schedule an energy audit and see your home scanned by an infrared thermal imaging camera, please call Green Energy Improvements at 908-228-2493 or visit www.GreenEnergy-NJ.com and fill out the contact us page.

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