About Us

Green Energy Improvements is in business to help homeowners like you lower your utility bills using sustainable materials and technology, while creating a more comfortable and greener environment. Our goal is to provide friendly, dependable customer service and complete satisfaction. We have been working in the residential energy field for 10 years and performing energy audits for the last five years. Our background in home remodeling gives us an edge when analyzing your home’s energy efficiency and knowing and understanding the structure of your home and how it was built.

We are licensed with the State of NJ, fully insured, and certified to facilitate the NJ Clean Energy Program.

We are proud to be one of the top producing certified contractors in Northern New Jersey; and we are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) in the following categories:

  • Building Analyst
  • Envelope Professional
  • Heating Professional
  • Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Professional


Evan Siegel


Green Energy Improvements’ co-founder Evan Siegel has been concerned about the environment from a very young age. He earned a degree in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and soon after became involved with residential real estate before obtaining his license in real estate appraising. While building his career in the real estate business he wanted to remain connected to energy conservation and efficiency and started Green Energy Improvements along with his partner, Mike Mroz.

The two began the business focusing solely on energy auditing. Evan quickly attained certification as a Building Analyst and Envelop Professional through the Building Performance Institute (BPI), and the company has since grown to also offer installation of energy corrective measures, as well as construction of partial or whole house energy improvements.

In addition to being a partner at Green Energy Improvements, Evan is in charge of client servicing, marketing and accounting. With his background in real estate, he has first-hand knowledge of the improved competitive position an energy efficient home has when compared to others in the real estate market.

Away from business, Evan enjoys spending time with his family, playing guitar, mountain biking, photography and scuba diving.

Feel free to ask him about how Green Energy Improvements can make your home a more marketable property.

Mike Mroz


Mike Mroz developed an early interest in the environment, and has been building, remodeling and tinkering with construction projects since age two; when he was often found disassembling and reassembling household objects, and eventually diving into construction dumpsters to see what treasures he could find to use in his “projects.” From tree forts to full bathrooms to whole house remodels, his construction hobby has progressed from a favorite pastime into a successful business that answers the need for a more energy efficient way of life.

He formed Green Energy Improvements with Evan Siegel when the “Green building” movement was gaining steam in 2008. Rather than settling for just getting his LEED certification, he decided to take it a step further and do something that would have a direct effect on the existing housing stock. In addition to being a partner at Green Energy Improvements, Mike is in charge of seeing that each energy efficient project runs smoothly from start to finish, which includes scheduling, management, and client satisfaction.

With Mike’s knowledge of how a home works and all of the systems that go into it, and Evan’s knowledge of environmental initiatives and real estate, Green Energy Improvements was founded and together the two have seen the company grow beyond their wildest expectations in its first five years.

Born and raised in Westfield, NJ, Mike has maintained strong ties to his hometown. In his time away from work he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, watching football (he’s a graduate and played for NCAA D-IAA Valparaiso University), and finding time to exercise and keep fit.

Daniele Dario

BPI Energy Analyst & Envelope Professional

Born and raised in Venice (Italy) Daniele has always had a love for the environment. After finishing his study in Agriculture, he joined a large and ambitious project to lower the need of electricity for public infrastructures in Venice, following the “Kyoto Protocol” line guide.

In 2008 he moved to New Jersey and with his love for nature in mind, he continued his career in the green field. Combining his knowledge and passion, he knew he could contribute in a positive way in this part of the hemisphere.

After analyzing the green market and learning about some of the needs in the U.S., he became an energy analyst. In this role, Daniele performs comprehensive home energy audits, and educates clients on home energy saving measures and how to be more conscious of the limited resources that the earth has to offer us.

Daniele loves to spend his free time with his family, exploring the world, biking, camping, hiking, and scuba diving.